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How Dental Wax Can Make Having Braces Less Painful

Posted on 12/20/2019 by Harry L. Dougherty DDS, MS
How Dental Wax Can Make Having Braces Less PainfulBraces are a great tool that's often used by orthodontists to take care of misaligned teeth so that they can stay properly aligned giving you the smile you deserve. However, the procedure is not all petals and roses.

There is a lot of discomfort and often times pain in the first couple of weeks of getting your braces. That's because of the fact that the metal is a foreign object in your body and the techniques used to secure the wires sometimes need some drilling. However, there are some solutions that help out so that the entire process won't be as terrible. Dental wax is one of the most efficient ways to deal with some of these problems.

Dental Wax

This is a harmless gum protector used for both children and adults to smooth things over when there are issues with the braces before the appointment date has arrived. It's used to cover protruding wires and brackets to bring about a smooth surface where you won't feel as though there are wires poking into your gums. This wax is essentially made from natural waxes such as carnauba wax or beeswax, but also contains some modifiers for texture and taste. However, this product is highly sterilized because it's very natural for people to swallow a bit as they speak or chew.

How It Works
Wax's properties make it the ideal substance to use for braces in the mouth. Since the wax is solid at room temperature, you don't have to worry about it melting in your mouth. As such, it forms the best buffer between the gums and brackets and still retains its smooth texture while in the mouth. In case some pieces break off, the material is also harmless when swallowed, which is a big plus!

While you have the dental wax on, take care not to remove it when you are brushing your teeth. It's a great way to make sure that you stay comfortable with your braces as they do their work and also help relieve the discomfort that patients often feel due to the foreign objects in their mouths.
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