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Ways of Avoiding Gum Disease When Wearing Orthodontic Aligners

Posted on 1/20/2020 by Harry L. Dougherty DDS, MS
Ways of Avoiding Gum Disease When Wearing Orthodontic AlignersGetting your teeth straightened with orthodontic aligners offers many advantages over traditional braces, such as being removable and easy to clean.

As with any object in your mouth that allows food to collect around your teeth and gums, however, you need to stay on top of your oral care routine to ensure that the added obstruction of aligners doesn't contribute to tooth decay or gum disease.

That being said, orthodontic aligners are often a better choice for those with a history of gum disease, those who tend to slack in their oral care routine, and those at a higher risk of tooth decay. You can brush and floss as usual with aligners, and their simple design makes them quick and easy to clean.

Is Special Oral Care Required with Aligners?

There are specific recommendations regarding how to clean and care for your aligners, and then there are the general rules of healthy oral hygiene. Staying dedicated to each regimen is vital for your overall health, as well as a successful alignment treatment that doesn't contribute to tooth decay or gum disease.

Rinse aligners after each use. Your mouth is full of bacteria at any given time that can collect around your aligners. Every time you remove them, rinse them with cold water to reduce bacterial growth while unused.

Aligners can save your smile, build your confidence, and are less noticeable than traditional braces. With a little extra care, they can successfully align your teeth without the risk of gum disease due to their use. Contact our office with any and all of your questions regarding orthodontic aligners.
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