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Signs You May Need A Palate Expander

Posted on 4/25/2020 by Harry L. Dougherty DDS, MS
Signs You May Need A Palate Expander A palate expander is used to expand the roof of the mouth. This is usually done if there's a need to make the upper jaw wider. It is mostly used as a treatment for crossbites or when there isn't enough space for the growth of the permanent teeth. How do you know if you should get a palate expander?

How to Tell If You May Need A Palate Expander

Sometimes, it is very easy to tell if you should get a palate expander. However, some people have complex conditions that don't make it obvious whether they should undergo an orthodontic procedure to have palate expanders fixed or not. These signs are an indicator that you should consider getting a palate expander.

You Are Self-Conscious About Your Smile

Everyone should be confident about their smiles. If you feel self-conscious about yours, even when you don't have clear dental problems such as gum disease or tooth decay, then you may need to have a palate expander. If you consciously or unconsciously hide your smile behind your hands, then maybe you should consider orthodontic treatment.

You Experience Breathing Problems or Sleep Apnea

The width of your palate can affect your airways. Narrow jaws result in crowded teeth, which ultimately block the airways. If you sometimes have to breathe through your mouth, wake up with a dry and sore throat, snore loudly, or choke in your sleep, you should visit our orthodontic clinic for a checkup.

Your Teeth, Gums, and Mouth Are Often Sore

Frequent soreness, pain or discomfort in the mouth, gums, and teeth is a pointer to orthodontic problems. Our professionals will be able to evaluate and determine whether you need a palate expander or an alternative orthodontic treatment. If you also experience discomfort when you eat certain foods, then you should consider scheduling a checkup with our clinic. Your condition could be affecting your quality of life and you may even not be aware of it. If you notice any of the above signs or other uncomfortable symptoms, call our clinic to schedule an examination with a professional orthodontic.
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