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How We Can Help Fix a Closed Bite

Posted on 5/15/2020 by Harry L. Dougherty DDS, MS
How We Can Help Fix a Closed Bite
A closed bite occurs when your upper and lower teeth meet without ample height to support a correct bite or attractive appearance. When your jaw is in a resting position, your upper front teeth should rest slightly in front of your lower front teeth, with the lower teeth resting closely behind the upper ones and your back teeth coming together. In contrast, a closed bite refers to a condition where there is insufficient height in your teeth to keep them in their proper position, and the lower teeth rest high enough to touch the roof of the mouth. A severely closed bite is referred to as a deep bite.

What Causes a Closed Bite?

A closed bite is often genetic but can also be caused by severely damaged teeth or excessive wear, both of which can cause your teeth to lose their height. Losing multiple back teeth can also cause a closed bite.

Why Fix a Closed Bite?

Fixing a closed bite can not only improve your smile, it can change the shape and the look of your face to make it more balanced and less sunken. In a sense, we can provide you with a non-surgical facelift when we correct your closed bite. In addition, chewing with a closed bite can cause further damage to your teeth that can lead to jaw pain. When left untreated, a closed bite can also result in pain in your temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

How We Can Correct a Closed Bite

Prominent goals when correcting a closed bite are moving the upper or lower teeth, or both, up into your jawbone or elongating your back and side teeth to open your bite. We can determine in your consultation, which method is the most appropriate for your condition, and we may recommend performing both procedures. When a closed bite is severe, this is known as a deep bite, which may require surgery or full mouth reconstruction.

If you are concerned about your closed bite, please allow us to recommend the proper treatment(s) to improve your smile and correct your bite to avoid further damage. Contact our office anytime to schedule a consultation.
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