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Braces for Adults - Are They Worth It?

A woman with braces smiling at Dougherty Orthodontics When most people hear about braces, their first thought is kids and teenagers. Moreover, while braces are more popular with these groups, they can also be available for adults - something that is becoming more popular with time. At Dougherty Orthodontics, we offer a wide range of dental solutions, including braces for adults, so that you can enjoy healthy, strong, and attractive teeth that will make you the envy of everyone.

Reasons for Getting Braces

The thought of having to wear braces all the time can be scary. However, before you decide not to wear them, you should understand the benefits they offer. These include:
•  Fixing a wide range of dental problems, for example, teeth overcrowding, gapped teeth, crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, and misaligned jaws.
•  Preventing the occurrence of other dental problems. Some of the orthodontic problems can worsen with time, resulting in additional problems such as tooth loss, gum tissue loss, and jawbone loss. Also, orthodontic dental problems can be painful and thus can cause you to discomfort if you leave them untreated.
•  Improving your appearance. Orthodontic problems can greatly impact your appearance, which can cause you embarrassment when you are interacting with other people. Braces can, however, help to fix them, thus restoring your appearance.

Concerns with Braces for Adults

While braces can offer you several advantages, there are some concerns you should understand before getting them. To start with, due to your age, the results of braces will take time. This is because an adult’s teeth, gums, and jawbone are fully developed, and thus attempting to straighten the teeth will be much harder.

Braces for adults can also cause additional dental problems. For example, due to the fully-grown teeth and jawbone, greater force is needed to shift the position of the teeth - and this can cause tooth damage through fracturing, chipping, or cracking. Also, dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay, which are more likely to affect adults, can cause braces not to work.

Adult Braces Options

Despite the concerns that come about with adult braces, they are still very effective in straightening and aligning the teeth. If you decide to wear them, below are some of the options you can choose from:
•  Metal braces. Metal braces, also known as conventional or traditional braces, are the oldest and most popular types of braces that are available. They are fixed braces that are comprised of metal brackets. Metal braces are effective, and they also offer an affordable solution. However, they are easily noticeable and are considered by most people to be aesthetically unattractive.
•  Ceramic braces. Ceramic braces similar to metal braces in design, except for the fact that they come with tooth-colored brackets instead of metal ones. As a result, they offer a more discreet treatment option (for people who are conscious about their appearance). However, they are a bit more expensive than the metal braces.
•  Self-ligating braces. Self-ligating braces, or Damon braces, are similar to metal braces (in that they also come with metal brackets). However, Damon braces use an archwire sliding mechanism, as opposed to archwire tightening in metal braces. The metal brackets and archwire are also fixed to the back of the teeth. As a result, they are more comfortable, and less noticeable.

Braces play an important role in restoring the proper mouth structure, thus giving you back your smile. Moreover, while they are more popular with kids, adults too can wear braces and enjoy the benefits they offer. If you are suffering from any orthodontic problem, call us, Dougherty Orthodontics, at (747) 264-5164, and let us help you find the perfect braces for your problem.

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