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Damon Clear - Faster Results With Clear Braces

Three kids with braces holding each other at Dougherty Orthodontics Everyone would love to have a perfect set of teeth and a vibrant, lovely smile. However, due to dental problems such as crooked teeth, misaligned bites and misaligned jaw, it might not always be possible. These dental problems can affect just about anyone, taking away that perfect smile. Luckily, there are several orthodontic solutions that are available for treating these problems. At Dougherty Orthodontics, we offer a wide range of solutions, including the Damon Clear braces, which help to fix orthodontic problems discreetly.

Why Do You Need Braces?

As already mentioned, orthodontic problems can cause your appearance to change, darkening your smile. However, their damage cuts deeper than that. These problems can cause you a lot of pain and discomfort. If not treated, the problems can also grow to become severe dental issues, which can result in the loss of your teeth and jaw bone. Dental braces are thus the perfect way of restoring your teeth to their healthy and strong condition, something that also helps to prevent future dental problems. The braces also help to return your natural smile, thus boosting your confidence in the process.

Why Choose Damon Clear Braces?

There are several types of braces that are available to choose from - from the metal braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign® braces, and the Damon clear braces. So, why should you choose Damon clear and not the other braces? Below is a look at some of the things that make Damon clear braces stand out from the rest:
•  Damon Clear braces are tieless. Unlike other types of braces that require being tightened to shift the teeth, Damon Clear braces use a self-ligating mechanism, where the archwire shifts as the teeth change their position.
•  They use high quality, memory-shape wires. The Damon Clear braces use a specialized self-sliding archwire that shifts easily with the teeth, thus requiring fewer adjustments.

In addition to these unique features, Damon Clear braces also offer several advantages over other types of braces:
•  Outstanding Comfort. Wearing braces all day long can be uncomfortable, especially just after they have been tightened. However, since Damon Clear braces are self-ligating, there is no tightening involved, which makes them more comfortable to wear.
•  A Beautiful appearance and smile. Traditional metal braces feature noticeable parts, even the so-called invisible braces. Damon Clear braces are however completely invisible, and thus no one is likely to notice you are wearing them. This allows you to smile with confidence.
•  Faster treatment times. Damon Braces system is considered one of the best treatment options for misaligned teeth, jaw, and bites. The braces offer stronger results within a much shorter treatment time. On top of that, due to the self-sliding mechanism, you also get to enjoy fewer visits for adjustments.
•  Easy to clean. Hygiene is a huge problem with some braces, especially the metal braces that use elastomeric rings, where food particles and dental plaque can accumulate. Damon Clear braces, however, do not use elastomeric rings, and thus are easier to clean.
•  No Speech problems. The discomfort caused by braces can interfere with your speech. However, Damo Clear braces do not interfere with your oral functioning. Therefore, you can enjoy perfect speech, as well as other tasks such as chewing.

Damon Clear braces offer a more comfortable, faster, and aesthetically pleasing way of treating your orthodontic problems. Call us, Dougherty Orthodontics, at (747) 264-5164 to find out more about these braces.

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