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Why Damon Braces - Why Should You Get Damon?

Damon braces compared to traditional braces at Dougherty Orthodontics Damon braces are orthodontic appliances that help to fix several dental problems. They are similar to traditional metal braces. However, instead of tightening, they use a slide mechanism which attaches the wires to the brackets allowing them to move naturally with your teeth as they realign themselves. At Dougherty Orthodontics, we offer these braces to provide you with the best solution to your orthodontic problems. Below is a look at some of the reasons why they are superior.

Self-ligating Mechanism

Because Damon braces use wires and brackets instead of ring and ligatures, they are easy to change and will not weigh heavily in your mouth as traditional braces normally would. This process is self-stimulating and doesn't need any artificial help like elastics. It also produces better results.

Utmost Comfort During the Teeth Alignment

Due to their self-tightening system, Damon braces are more comfortable for you. They are continually tightening little by little, and this eliminates regular dental appointments to have them adjusted. The self-tightening mechanism also makes it less painful for you when fitting the braces.

Less Risk of Tooth Damage

The friction which results from the installation of conventional braces can damage the teeth severely. The rough and sharp edges of the traditional braces can also scratch or cut you’re the inside of your With Damon braces; the friction is less due to their self-correcting mechanism which in turn improves the entire condition of your teeth.

An Attractive Appearance

Damon braces are clear and make for a nice aesthetic look. Though they are visible against the color of the tooth as well, this style helps your teeth to look more natural. Additionally, the Damon braces do not use elastics, and this contributes to the nearly invisible appearance they have on you.

Other Reasons Why You Should Choose Damon Braces

•  Expanding crowded jaws. The self-ligating mechanism of the braces provides a free movement. Damon braces do not interfere with blood supply to the tissues but conduct remodeling and growth. This process grows the underlying jaw bone and allows for the expansion of the jaws which may be narrow or crowded.
•  Faster movement of teeth. The Damon bracket system uses memory shaped wires to move better between the brackets. This process is quick because the action is continuous, unlike with traditional braces which have to be adjusted after specific intervals of time because the metal is fixed in place.
•  Smaller surface area. The self-ligating system of the Damon braces doesn't require rings, reducing the space used by the braces. There is less surface that is in contact with the wire which results in a smaller bracket. One of the primary advantages of this is that less food is likely to get caught in-between the braces.
•  Faster and Better results. Damon braces use an advanced self-ligating mechanism, which helps to shift the position of teeth in a natural and faster manner. This helps to create better results within a shorter time frame.

Damon braces are among the best orthodontic solutions in treating various dental problems. Call us, Dougherty Orthodontics, at (747) 264-5164 to find out more information about these braces.

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