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Sherman Oaks, CA

When most people hear about braces, their first thought is kids and teekinagers. Moreover, while braces are more popular with these groups, they can also be available for adults – something that is becoming more popular with time. At Dougherty Orthodontics, we offer a wide range of orthodontic solutions, including braces for adults, so that you can enjoy healthy, strong, and attractive teeth that will make you the envy of everyone.

Reasons For Getting Braces

The thought of having to wear braces all the time can be scary. However, before you decide not to wear them, you should understand the benefits they offer. These include:

  • Fixing a wide range of dental problems, for example, teeth overcrowding, gapped teeth, crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, and misaligned jaws.
  • Preventing the occurrence of other dental problems. Some of the orthodontic problems can worsen with time, resulting in additional problems such as tooth loss, gum tissue loss, and jawbone loss. Also, orthodontic dental problems can be painful and thus can cause you to discomfort if you leave them untreated.
  • Improving your appearance. Orthodontic problems can greatly impact your appearance, which can cause you embarrassment when you are interacting with other people. Braces can, however, help to fix them, thus restoring your appearance.

A Choice That Fits Your Lifestyle

Despite the concerns that come about with adult braces, they are still very effective in straightening and aligning the teeth. If you decide to wear them, below are some of the options you can choose from: