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Our practice offers exciting and innovative treatment option for children and adolescents as well as adults. Our office has been providing idealized care to our local community for over 20 years. Our desire to always optimize advances in technology allows us to provide an outstanding patient experience throughout treatment and create a warm and personal environment for our patients.

A beautiful smile is the most obvious benefit of Orthodontics. It is Dr. Dougherty’s goal not only to create a fantastic smile but provide a healthy and functional bite as well as strive for facial balance and optimal airway.

Our Services

Dr. Dougherty offers several methods of treatment to achieve your goals of a healthy smile that can fit into your active lifestyle. These methods can address the entire spectrum of dentofacial correction from minor to severely complicated, and work in concert with other dental specialties.
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Harry L. Dougherty Jr. D.D.S, M.S.

Dougherty Orthodontics — Orthodontics Exclusively

Dr. Dougherty is originally from the San Fernando Valley, and feels a great connection with the Sherman Oaks community where he has lived and worked for over 30 years. He looks forward to working with each of his patients, and relishes helping them create one-of-a-kind treatment experiences.

Our Outstanding Team

We truly value each connection with every patient and afford you the care and treatment we would our families. Our staff is extremely experienced in handling a multitude of specific treatment types. Our offices’ technological platforms allow us to compile critical information regarding your treatment while also saving time and making it easier to perform the necessities of Orthodontic care.

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What Our Patients Say


Alina V.

We have been going to Dr. Dougherty’s Sherman Oaks office on and off for over 8 years. His office was recommended by our kids’ pediatric dentist. At our initial consultation, Dr. Dougherty stated that our daughter’s orthodontis work would be 2 phases. Based on his calculations, he determined that she would need a maxillofacial surgery. As Dr. Dougherty had predicted, multiple maxillofacial surgeons reconfirmed his recommendation to perform the surgery. Dr. Dougherty’s pre-surgery work was spot on. The maxillofacial surgeon was amazed at how precise the teeth were placed. It made surgery and post surgery work minimal. We highly recommend Dr. Dougherty for all orthodontic work.”