Why Orthodontics?
Sherman Oaks, CA

Orthodontic Services To Restore Your Smile

Suffering from misaligned teeth or jaw positioning problems? We can help. At Dougherty Orthodontics, we are a leading provider of quality dental care services for kids, teens, and adults, all aimed at providing you with the perfect set of teeth and a healthy smile. Orthodontic services are among the several dental services we offer, and these are designed to help restore the perfect positioning of your teeth, thus promoting optimal oral functionality, and consequently, optimal oral health.

Dental Braces

Misalignment of the teeth is one of the most common orthodontic problems. The wrong positioning of the teeth can lead to serious dental health problems. Luckily, it is possible to fix the problem by restoring the proper positioning of the teeth, something that is made possible by dental braces.

The braces work by straightening the teeth and gradually shifting them to their proper position. They are therefore worn until the desired results are achieved – which can be anywhere between a few months or even some years depending on the seriousness of the problem.

There are several types of braces that are available for treating teeth alignment issues:

Metal, Ceramic, And Lingual Braces

  • Metal braces. Metal braces, also known as traditional braces, are the most common dental braces available. They are made of metal brackets that are connected using an archwire. The brackets apply tension to the teeth, and when the archwire is tightened, they slowly start shifting them to the desired position.
  • Ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are made of ceramic material, instead of metal brackets. The braces work the same way as metal braces, with an added advantage of the offering a discreet treatment option – ceramic is barely noticeable due to its natural tooth-like color.
  • Lingual braces. Lingual braces are attached to the inside surface of the tooth rather than the outside surface. An advantage of lingual braces is that they are not as noticeable as traditional exterior braces that are exposed when talking or smiling.

Invisalign® Treatment

About Invisalign

Invisalign treatment is another option that can help fix your teeth alignment issues. The Invisalign aligners work the same way as the braces – by shifting your misaligned teeth to their proper position. However, Invisalign aligners are quite different from braces in some ways:

  • They are made of a plastic material, instead of the metal or ceramic material used in making braces. Therefore, the aligners are more comfortable compared to braces.
  • They are removable – you can remove them when performing tasks such as eating, brushing your teeth, flossing, or even when your teeth tire, and you need to relax them. They are therefore more convenient compared to braces, especially metal braces.
  • Invisalign aligners are clear and thus offer you the necessary discretion you need about your dental problems. They are also more aesthetically pleasing than metal braces, for when someone notices you are wearing them.

Dental Retainers

Once you have achieved the desired teeth position, you can remove your braces or aligners. However, doing so also releases the tension placed on the teeth, which can cause them to start shifting again. To prevent this, dental retainers are used to hold the teeth in their desired position, until your gums and the jawbone develop enough support to hold them on their own.

At Dougherty Orthodontics, we provide you with the best orthodontic treatment to help fix your dental problems and restore your smile. Call us today at (818) 986-6223 for more information about these services and how they can help you.