How To Clean & Care For Invisalign®

Invisalign clear aligners are a proven method for restoring smiles and streamlining the process of straightening your teeth. These innovative appliances minimize gaps, align crooked teeth, and create a healthy bite.

We are an Invisalign Platinum provider. This distinction means we are among the top 1% of Invisalign providers in the U.S. Few orthodontists can match our expertise and insight into crafting your ideal smile. Our commitment to excellence means that you can feel confident learning about caring for Invisalign with us. 

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How To Clean Invisalign Aligners

The quality of your results depends on the care and maintenance they receive. It’s no stretch to say that knowing the best way to clean Invisalign is key to a successful orthodontic treatment.

Protecting your Invisalign aligners should be a top priority for all patients. Aligners are delicate, precision-molded orthodontic devices that withstand extreme wear and tear. While properly caring for Invisalign aligners adds some steps to your oral health routine, it will pay off in dividends by avoiding extra trips to the orthodontist and by keeping your treatment on schedule.

Here is a look at some ways of caring for your Invisalign aligners.

Brush Your Aligners Every Morning & Night

Invisalign’s removable design means you can achieve a higher level of cleanliness. Aligners are worn for 22-23 hours a day, and any trapped food is a magnet for harmful oral bacteria. Brushing your aligners lets you avoid any unexpected complications.

  • To keep your aligners fresh and clean, you should use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste in the morning and at night. Rinse them well and allow them to dry.
  • Avoid using abrasive materials when cleaning your aligners. Certain soap, denture cleaner, or mouthwash ingredients can damage and discolor your aligners.

Soak Your Aligners Once a Day

Invisalign sells a variety of cleaning products to sterilize your aligners. Soaking your aligners daily in a cleansing solution removes built-up debris and prevents tough stains, plaque, and odor.

  • Do not use a denture cleaner, which may damage your trays. You can also use a retainer cleaning solution as an alternative.
  • When they have finished soaking, rinse your aligners thoroughly, and place them back in your mouth after brushing your teeth.

Caring For Invisalign Aligners

A poorly maintained Invisalign appliance is less likely to fulfill its true potential. Clean Invisalign aligners are the first step in keeping your Invisalign aligners performing their best. Properly caring for your aligners can help avoid extra trips to the orthodontist, pay for replacement trays, and add time to your treatment.

Always Rinse Aligners When You Remove Them

You should rinse your aligners whenever you remove them. Rinsing your aligners will help remove saliva and plaque build-up.

When you take your aligners out while eating, we recommend brushing your teeth or rinsing them before putting them back in. Hot water can damage the appliance so ensure any rinse uses lukewarm water.

Do Not Eat or Drink with Aligners in

Never eat or drink while wearing your aligners. Certain foods and drinks can stain them, and attempting to chew while wearing them risks damaging the trays. The one exception: You may drink plain water while wearing your aligners.

Don’t Leave Your Aligners Out in the Open

Always store your Invisalign aligners in their case, even if you are taking them out for a short time. Exposure to open air can increase the risk of bacteria build-up, and there is the risk that your aligners could become damaged or accidentally thrown away. If your aligners are left out for a while, soak them in a sterilizing solution before putting them back in your mouth.

Remember: you will need to wear your aligners 22-23 hours a day, so you should only have them out of your mouth for limited intervals.

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Invisalign clear aligners are a popular and effective tool for getting the straight, healthy smile you’ve always wanted! For your treatment to be most effective, properly clean and care for your aligners daily.

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