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Jeanne F.

Dr.Dougherty and his staff are amazing. They care so much and nothing was ever too much trouble. If we had a problem we could get in within a few hours. Although treatment all took a little longer than expected the results are fantastic and we are so thrilled that we went here for ortho work. The best thing you can do for your child. To smile with confidence is everything!


Michelle B.

Great experience! Dr. Dougherty has been treating our son for two years. His braces just came off and will continue to see Dr. Dougherty for at least another year. He’s honest and there are no surprises. He wasn’t in a rush to put braces on our son’s teeth until he was absolutely ready for treatment. His staff is wonderful and helpful. We are very happy with our son’s results. Competitive pricing. Highly recommend.


Pam A.

Great staff. Dr. Dougherty has all the newest equipment, treatments. The scheduling is precise and the office is modern and welcoming. We are happy so far with our daughter’s results and will bring our 2nd child in when it’s time for her to get braces. Competitive pricing. Highly recommend.


Sebastian A.

I’m in the dental field myself and this is one of the best offices I been too, highly trained staff and awesome doctor!!


Alina V.

Dr. Harry Dougherty and his staff have been incredible. We have been going to Dr. Dougherty’s Sherman Oaks office on and off for over 8 years. His office was recommended by our kids’ pediatric dentist. At our initial consultation, Dr. Dougherty stated that our daughter’s orthodontic work would be 2 phases. Based on his calculations, he determined that she would need a maxillofacial surgery. As Dr. Dougherty had predicted, multiple maxillofacial surgeons reconfirmed his recommendation to perform the surgery. Dr. Dougherty’s pre-surgery work was spot on. The maxillofacial surgeon was amazed at how precise the teeth were placed. It made surgery and post surgery work minimal. We highly recommend Dr. Dougherty for all orthodontic work.


Pam J.

Dr Dougherty and team are amazing. Always professional, efficient and friendly. Both of kids have been through treatment and are thrilled with the outcome! If you are trying to decide on an orthodontist, this is your place!


S H.

Dr Doughterty is an excellent orthodontist!
His office is always busy, the word must be out that he is the best! 🙂

Cheers to his all star team!

Mayra and Ashley at the front desk are always so sweet and accommodating on finding an appointment that works for me, and working with me if I call to reschedule!

Thank you for all of your patience ladies! 🙂

Happy new year!


Kelli A.

Top notch professional all the way around. Tech savvy office with friendly, fantastic customer service. Dr. D. is an outstanding orthodontist. More than pleased with our experience here.